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Electric scooter restrictions in Finland

Requirements for electric scooters in Finland

An electric scooter that does not exceed 1000 Watts rated power and the top speed remains below 25 km/h is legal for road traffic use in Finland. The electric scooter must also have a front light, a rear light or a reflector on the back, and a sound signal device. You can also use an external device as a light, such as a headlamp.

Note: The driver is always responsible for ensuring that the electric scooter meets the requirements of the local regulations regarding the use of electric scooters.

What if the electric scooter exceeds the official road traffic restrictions?

If you want to ride an electric scooter that exceeds the regulations required by the Road Traffic Act (the motor’s rated power exceeds 1000W or its top speed is greater than 25 km/h), you have to register and insure the electric scooter you bought.

Legal electric scooter regulations
Official Traficom regulations
Official Tieliikennevakuutuskeskuksen regualtions